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when to take a pottery class

By registering for a session you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

Classes on this page are for adults over 21.

Registered users having 24/7 access to Covington Clay must be over 21 years of age*.

A registration is not complete until a payment in full is received. .

Registration for a session is a commitment for seven weeks. Instruction is given during scheduled class time only. Covington Clay cannot be held responsible for unexpected changes in a registered user's schedule.

Working with clay can present possible restrictions for pregnant women, so, if you are pregnant, please contact us before registering.

Gift Certificate

Wheel throwing classes.  Beginners are welcomed and encouraged:

Wednesday morning 10-noon, February 26 - April 8 -- $225

Wednesday evening 7-9, February 36 - April 8 -- $228

After Wed. Evening fills - Thurs. evening 7-9 pm, February 27- April 9 -- $225

Saturday afternoon 1-3, February 22 - April 4 -- $225

Sunday afternoon 4-6, February 23 - April 5 -- $225

Handbuilding classes:
Sunday afternoon 1-3, February 23 - April 6 -- $225

Tuesday evening 7-9, February 25 - April 7 -- $225

Thursday morning 10-noon, February 27 - April 9 -- $225

*Security codes used for 24/7 access to the studio are to be kept strictly confidential. Registered users of the Covington Clay studio are responsible for keeping their security code private. Only the registered user is authorized to use their security code. Any violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination, without refund, of the registered user's access to Covington Clay.

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handbuilding classes

pottery wheel classes

parent/child workshops

corporate team building

girl scout programs

school programs



2020 class sessions:

January 4  –February 20; 
February 22 –April 9;
May 5 –June 21; 
June 23 –August 9;
August 18 –October 4; 
October 20 –December 6

16 West Pike St.
Covington, KY 41011