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corporate team building workshops

pottery mugs made by employees during a clay workshopWe host corporate-team-building and small group workshops at the Covington Clay studio.  It usually takes about two hours to complete the workshop. Some groups work a little faster and some slower.  It costs $40/person for six people or more, and $50/person for five people or less

Stepping outside your comfort level at the office and be a rewarding experience for everyone.  Some daily work routines simply don't allow for personal interaction.  Working with clay, either on an individual piece or a collaborative one, allows members of a group to share a common experience through creative problem-solving on projects that have a very low risk of failure.

We hand-build our pottery pieces at the table from wet clay and decorate them the same day.
  They are glazed and fired after you leave and are ready to pick-up about ten days after the workshop.  The finished pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

We have various projects, but the one that most business teams prefer is a mug project because it is something that they may use at work.

Contact us to schedule a date.

ceramic tray and two bowls made during a corporate team-building pottery workshop                handmade pottery bowl with honeycomb texture

you don't have to be angry to throw pots...™